The Food-and-Adderall Love-Hate relationship

When you start taking adderall, your relationship with food becomes INTENSELY irritating.
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Adderall is an appetite suppressant, and because of this you may find yourself in this weird deal where you have little to no interest in food. This is pretty common. I won’t realize that I’m hungry until I’m so starving I’m nauseous, and even then it’s this weird sensation where I sense my body aching for food and I’ll feel week and cranky, but I still don’t really want to eat. This makes it REALLY hard to eat heathly because I already hate veggies and the adderall heightens my gag reflex and it’s just a mess. Because of this, my first round with Adderall I lost about 20 pounds in two months.
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Brief pause for PSA: I know what some of you are thinking, and you’re not the first. Many people have abused Adderall for weight loss purposes. This is not healthy. I’m nearly positive most of the weight loss was muscle loss because my body needed protein and started attacking my muscles. During this period I was in one of my lowest spots of depression and anxiety I’ve ever been, and I’m pretty sure that was partially due to not giving my body the things it needed.
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buy Lortab 5 325mg I also gained the weight back and then some. You should know that Adderall is a stimulant (kind of like an FDA regulated form of speed) and when used irresponsibly it can have serious consequences. This drug is not a joke. You’re body is an amazing thing, wether or not you see it. Be kind to it.
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And we’re back: I’m still learning my way around this issue, and since I’ve recently discovered a potential gluten intolerance and have cut it out, adding a dietary restrictions means it’s become even harder to eat properly. But I have some tips for those of you in a similar boat as me.
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Some tips

-Eat breakfast first, and try to drink a full glass of water either before or right after you take your Adderall. Having  a full stomach before your meds kick in will make it much easier to avoid that awful “my body needs food but I don’t want food” feeling and get rid of the nausea thing. It also helps get rid of the empty-stomach jitters that can happen (feeling all hyper and twitchy). Going into your day hydrated will help with the dry-mouth adderall can cause. (You will have to pee. A lot. But its better than having your tongue feel like sandpaper).

-Snack regularly. Frequently eating small amounts will keep you going. oddly enough, the more regularly you eat the easier it is to eat. Avoid sugar and processed foods because aside from the stuff you’ve already heard, they’re not good for people with ADHD because they make you foggy and tired and you just don’t need that. Some good options: nuts, fruit, raw veggies, yogurt and granola, granola bars, (I like to cut up lunch meat and mix it with shredded lettuce, green onions, cheese and italian dressing around lunchtime. It’s light and yummy and also healthy). Peanut butter is your friend, if you can have it. Protein shakes and smoothies are good too. Jerky’s good too.
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-Figure out how you work with caffeine. Some people can’t take both caffeine and adderall. It makes them jittery and their pulse races and it’s just a mess. Not everybody is like that. You have to figure out you. Plus coffee is its own appetite suppressant and that can be an issue.

-Count your calories. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder I’m not sure I recommend this, because it might bring back some old unhealthy habits. However it’s really important that you make sure you’re getting enough food. You should be eating no less than 1200 calories a day. Preferrably north of 1500. On adderall it’s really easy not to do this. Make sure you are. Not eating enough makes you weak, it causes thyroid problems, and it makes you cranky. It can also cause menstrual cycle irregularity.

-Listen to your body. If a few days in to taking adderall you start to feel your body complaining: excessive muscle tension, feeling cranky or high-strung a lot, etc. Take a day off. My doctor says people call them med vacations, sometimes taking weekends off or skipping a day. Be careful, though. On days off you’re going to want to eat ALL THE THINGS (which might not be such an awful thing. It’s probably your body telling you you’re not eating enough). The second day off adderall you might end up sleeping more and this may involve sleeping through an alarm, so be careful about work and class and all that. You’ll also be way less productive so I don’t recommend doing this under fast-approaching deadlines.
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