Life without Adderrall sucks

I have to be off my Adderall XR for a couple of weeks and while in therapy it was very noticeable. Dr. Behavior even commented I was jumpy in session. I was merging words into a mix of two words together and while discussing some things my mind was having multiple conversations. It was just not a productive session at all. I couldn’t recall things I wanted or discuss anything else intelligently for that matter.
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Positive was addressing a behavior “fear of failure”. I have a tendency to quit when I feel like I am going to fail. Such as a class or whole semester. Dr. Behavior stated one and it was one of those gut punches… “You’ve never really been challenged as an adult because you quit before proving if you can over come and be successful or not”. It was one of those really profound statements. This semester I missed about three weeks due to illness and I decided it didn’t matter if I was going to get all C’s, I was going to meet this challenge.
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Turns out I will have A’s and a B. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up and I didn’t allow fear of failing to be so overwhelming I quit. Could of done a medical withdraw but I saw it though. So I did the hap
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